I’m volunteering in a Jesuit Collegiate in Dumka called St Xavier’s College, where Dumka is in Jharkhand, India. It teaches high school level up to university level in some courses. It has been running for 3 years now and they educate some of the poorest people in India, mainly an untouchable tribe called the Santals which is the biggest tribe in India. They live well below the poverty line and for them to have an education is a big step for them, now that India today has changed, instead of banning education for the low cast, the government now promotes them and helps them get one but it’s still very limited for them. Catholic schools like St Xavier’s college are very popular and packed because the locals know that they receive a very good education. I will be teaching English and maybe maths and extra curricular activities, helping out as much as I can for 6 months. I hope you enjoy my blog.